Dominate working with brands in the foodie creative space in less than 90 days!

So you can go from $0 to $10k+ and build a thriving, full-time business quickly.

Even if you do not feel like an expert, are still working on honing your skills and have a social media following of less than 10K… or less than 1K!

Brand Work Boss Academy is the only comprehensive program that shows you how to create a thriving business in the foodie space without changing your Instagram stats or improving your photography or recipe skills. 


The Brand Work Boss Academy is for photographers, influencers & recipe developers in the foodie space that want to work consistently with brands each month, doing what they love and making a lucrative income from it.

  • 7 modules, with numerous lessons in each, diving deeply into different topics designed to teach you how to build a thriving, successful business in the foodie creative space.

  • A private Facebook Community to connect and collaborate with like-minded foodies who are (or recently were) in the same place as you

  • Our personal templates we use when: pitching a brand via DM and Email; pitching ongoing partnership; declining free product; follow up emails after sending a pitch; follow up emails for late payments; media kit; invoice; and brand onboarding questionnaire template.

  • Everyday mantras for success when working with brands by mindset expert, Loren Runion.

Client Testimonial

"Kim + Chelsea helped me identify brands to pitch, create a personalized pitch and then negotiate a rate that was 3x higher than what I charged in the past. I am a full-time blogger and would have never fathomed to do brand work as supplemental income without them!"- Marley, @MarleysMenu​

Client Testimonial

Before working with Chelsea + Kim

“I had worked with a few brands for little (or no) pay. I lacked confidence in my abilities and pricing, so I was accepting unpaid jobs for "exposure" or for very little pay.. I didn't know what the industry standard pricing was, and I also lacked confidence in my abilities (I thought that surely brands wouldn't want or need to work with me when there are so many others out there with more followers, etc.)”


After working with Chelsea + Kim


"Kim and Chelsea gave me the pep talk and confidence that I needed! Since my coaching sessions with them, I have signed two of my largest contracts to date and have the confidence to pitch more brands! I now have tangible goals set for myself, with their help, and am SO excited for what the rest of the year will bring! Because of these ladies, I definitely know my worth! I feel comfortable with my pricing and my ability to negotiate with brands, solely due to the conversations that I've had with them! Kim and Chelsea are awesome and relatable - I want to be friends with them! They are also very professional, personalized, and realistic with their coaching. They will give you all of the pep talks that you need to go out there and get some $$$."


-Jackie @sweetgirltreatsmn

Brands our clients have booked after working with us

We are Chelsea & Kim of $10k+ under 10k.

And for the first few months of our foodie careers, we wanted to work, but we held back. We let our follower count dictate our actions. We did not think our skillset was enough to work with brands. We accepted low-paying jobs because we thought we could not negotiate higher rates.


And we were burnt out, defeated and never thought we could make a full-time income.


Can you relate?

If so then you probably also know what it feels like to... 

  • Try every method under the sun and never succeed.
  • Be so tired of piecing together information 
  • Feel desperate for the answers.
  • Feel like giving up


We got serious about our desire to control our destiny and create a thriving business doing what we love most. We ditched the feeling of desperation + confusion and got rock solid in our strategies + methods when it came to working with brands.

And in turn we....

  • Landed high paying brand deals
  • Work with brands we love
  • Consistently hit our monthly income goals each month
  • Enjoy a work-life balance

So, Creative Foodie ??


Are you ready to…..

  • Tap into the fullest potential that deep down inside you (and we) both know exists

  • Stop letting time pass you by while you wait to hit certain milestones

  • Build a career that you are truly passionate about and want to actually wake up everyday for

  • Work with brands that spark your creativity and get you excited

  • Make a lucrative income while still being able to have time to do the things you love

  • JUMP into the next level of yourself!

But wait we know! 

We know you are also...

  • Scared AF to reach out to brands

  • Worried that if you state a rate that is too high, a brand will walk away

  • Unsure of how to market yourself and your work to a brand

  • Nervous that you won’t have consistent brand deals each month to hit your $ goal

  • Terrified that you will waste your time and effort building a business that does not work out

  • Fearful that everyone you know will judge you for taking the leap into the creative foodie space

What Others Are Saying

Client Testimonial

"My expectation going into the meeting with Kim and Chelsea was to create a new marketing strategy for the next quarter. What I didn't expect was to walk away with a new strategy, increased confidence, a change in my pricing (I didn't even realize how badly I needed this!), increased confidence, how to identify opportunities and negotiate with brands, increased confidence, knowing and understanding the value I provide and create for businesses and umm, did I mention increased confidence? I'm so excited for the next quarter, I've already started applying everything I learned from the lovely duo and I can't wait to see what lies ahead!"- Amrita, @MyKaleKitchen

"Chelsea + Kim were able to provide plenty of resources to help set up my media kit, pricing, and templates to use to contact brands. No question was off the table, I was able to ask ALL my questions (even if I thought they were ridiculous) and they were answered in a clear, relatable way and joyful manner that made you feel respected and understood. I now have the confidence to contact brands knowing I am putting my best foot forward." - Holly @bbqbakers

"Working with Chelsea and Kim is like getting expert advice from two close friends who you can talk to about anything! I really needed that reassurance in the beginning to hone my confidence, now I feel very confident about every pitch I write!" - Angie @angiehelvey.eats

Let us re-introduce ourselves

Our names are Chelsea & Kim and we help creators just like you!

We are here not only to help you build your confidence, bust through those fears and understand your value when it comes to working with brands but also to help you convert those strengths and skills to build a bullet-proof business in the foodie creator space.


Together, in Brand Work Boss Academy, we’ll create strong fundamentals and instill in you the most effective methods & strategies that align with your vision and values while bringing in high-paying brand clients each month.


This Course Is For Creators Who...

... are serious + excited about starting a thriving business working with brands + ready to do whatever it takes

... are tired of sending pitch after pitch + getting no response

... who want to have consistent monthly brand deals

... are eager to learn + apply new methods + strategies

... are self-starters + ready to start RIGHT NOW to reach their goal

... are committed to investing their time to complete this course, as well as the assignments given


... sees this course as an INVESTMENT in their business

Client Testimonial

"I loved working with Kim and Chelsea ... They were able to help me with all of the questions I had on the entire process of working with brands - from finding them, to reaching out, to negotiating, contracts, and pricing. More than that they helped give me the confidence I needed to go out there and pitch as well as charge what I am worth. I am excited to see what I can do when I put their advice to work!" - Megan @DonutWorry_BeHealthy

"Chelsea and Kim really helped me so much with pricing, as I was really struggling not in getting clients, but in how to price my work and then how to raise rates to meet that. They helped me not only raise my day rate 160% with one client for ongoing work, but another client raising rates almost 300% for one project. They also helped me with the confidence to stand my ground when negotiating with another client - that negotiation alone resulted in 4 figures of increased income each month. I honestly wouldn't have been able to do it without them!" - Elise, @EliseTriesToCook | @justelsthings

Take a look inside the course

Module One: Welcome and Course Overview

  • Course Overview and Welcome

    Learn how to navigate the course and set yourself up for success

Module Two: Mastering Mindset

Mindset is everything when it comes to working with brands + owning a business. In this module you will learn:

  • How to reflect on all you have to offer in order to show your value through your current skill set

  • How to ditch your limiting beliefs and say bye bye to imposter syndrome

  • What to do immediately after sending a pitch (spoiler alert: it’s NOT refreshing your inbox!)

  • Lesson 1: Tapping Into The Right Mindset + What To Do When Imposter Syndrome Creeps In

  • Lesson 2: What To Do After Sending A Pitch

  • Lesson 3: Overcoming Negative Feedback From A Client

    Module Three: Finding Your Niche + Which Brands to Work With

    Whether you know the niche you’re after or need a little help figuring that out, we show you how to dive deeply into:

    • The most authentic way to find your niche

    • How to find the most aligned brands to pitch

    • The best ways to introduce brands to your audience + share authentically

    • Lesson 1: Finding Your Authentic Niche

    • Lesson 2: How to Best Serve Your Audience Through Brand Work In Your Niche

    • Lesson 3: Finding The Right Brands to Work With

    • Lesson 4: Will This Brand Work for My Niche?

    Module Four: Perfecting the Personalized Pitch + Providing Value

    Personalizing your pitch is not always as straightforward as it seems + it is so important to understand exactly HOW to do this effectively. In this module you will learn:

    • The most effective ways to personalize your pitch

    • How + when to follow up on your pitches

    • How to effectively identify opportunities for brands

    • Showing brands the value you can add to their business through your work

    • How to land those ongoing partnerships that we all want!

    • Lesson 1: Where to Send Your Pitch

    • Lesson 2: Personalizing Pitches

    • Lesson 3: Identifying Opportunities for Brands + Showing Your Value

    • Lesson 4: How to Pitch Sponsored Content vs. Recipe Development + Freelance Photography

    • Lesson 5: Pitching On-Going Partnerships

    • Lesson 6: How to Follow Up on Pitch Emails

    • Lesson 7: What to Do When A Brand Says "No"

    • Lesson 8: The Importance of Honing + Growing Your Photography Skills

    Module Five: Pricing + Negotiation

    Pricing yourself effectively can be confusing and negotiations often feel intimidating. In this module we empower you to know:

    • How to price yourself effectively as a beginner

    • How to price yourself to take your side hustle full time

    • What is the difference between a media kit and a rate sheet

    • How to negotiate with brands like a boss by showcasing your value + getting solid in your worth

    • Lesson 1: How to Price Yourself as a Beginner

    • Lesson 2: How to Price Yourself to Take Your Side Hustle Full Time

    • Lesson 3: Media Kits vs. Rate Sheets

    • Lesson 4: Negotiation + Contracts

    • Lesson 5: Pricing Reshoots

    Module Six: Sponsored Posts

    Sponsored posts are an amazing way to diversify your income streams, but can feel almost impossible to land in today’s ever changing social media environment. We teach you exactly how to pitch, land, and execute sponsored content regardless of your social media following size! In this module you will learn:

    • The two types of sponsored posts + how you can make both work for you (no matter what your follower count is!)

    • Why sponsored posts are great way to diversify your income

    • Leveraging your analytics to find bright spots in even the darkest numbers

    • How to boost your engagement around your sponsored post to provide the brand with the best return of investment and keep them coming back for more.

    • Lesson 1: The 2 Types (Lifestyle vs. Recipe)

    • Lesson 2: Understanding FTC + IG Guidelines

    • Lesson 3: iPhone vs. DSLR

    • Lesson 4: Leveraging Your Analytics

    • Lesson 5: Introducing Your Audience to A Brand Prior to Posting

    • Lesson 6: The Week Before A Post - Tips on Boosting Engagement

    Once the excitement of landing your first brand deal wears off, you’re likely left wondering what to do next. In this module you will learn:

    • What IS a deliverable anyway?!

    • What to expect when executing your first brand deal

    • The important steps to take before shooting your first project

    • How to deliver your project to a brand

    • Lesson 1: Understanding Deliverables

    • Lesson 2: You Got The Job!... Now What?!

    Module Eight: Managing Your Business 

    Every new business owner, whether you’re full time or it is your side hustle, could use a little assistance when it comes to managing your business. In this module you will learn about some of the most important aspects of managing your business like:

    • Tips for keeping track of income + expenses

    • How to invoice brands and accept payment

    • Lesson 1: Keeping Track of Income vs. Expenses

    • Lesson 2: How to Invoice Brands + Accept Payment 

    Your Investment

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    Instant access to all modules

    Pitch Template Library

    Private Facebook Group

    Mindset Affirmations

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    Instant access to all modules

    Pitch Template Library

    Private Facebook Group

    Mindset Affirmations

    Instant access to all modules

    Pitch Template Library

    Private Facebook Group

    Mindset Affirmations